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By submitting your name or a team, all members agree to abide by all rules posted for league play. Teams will be placed on the sign up sheet or waiting list according to the order received. Teams signing up inside The Retroplex will be placed immediately on the roster/wait list regardless of any teams in the Que online. League will consist of 6 teams with four team members each. Leagues will play 2 games per league day. League play cost is $5 per person per game ($10 per league day) and $50 per team per league day that MUST be paid IN ADVANCE. Payment MUST be made prior to 8pm on the current league day for the NEXT league date. No refunds given to individual or teams. Teams will forfeit their spot in the league line up if payment is not made and the next team on the wait list will have 72 hours to pay league cost or the next team will advance on the wait list.


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